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TrekkSoft allows you to connect your activity availabilities to Viator, permitting last minute sales through their marketplace as well as allowing the possibility to manage your capacities and all bookings through your Trekksoft account.

In order to successfully connect your activities with Viator, you first need a Viator contract, you have to agree to their terms and conditions as well as negotiate a commission. TrekkSoft is not involved in this initial process. 

Once you have a Supplier ID from Viator, with a contract, you are free to connect your activities. Firstly, go to Admin Desk > Channel Manager > API & Connections

Then select Viator

Next, you need to setup the Viator connection in 3 easy Steps:

Step 1: Save your Supplier ID (You will find this on your Viator contract - it's numeric)

Step 2: Select your activities and map the price categories for Viator

Next, activate the activities that you would like to connect with Viator, these activities should already be live. Price categories need to be mapped in your TrekkSoft account with the available price categories on Viator so we can assign the guests accordingly. If on Viator you sells multiple price categories, whereas on TrekkSoft you only have one, select Any so that all price categories for your trip will be matched to this price category in our system.

Step 3: Request the access to Viator

Once you've requested your connection you have to wait until the connection is setup from Viator this might take several days.


Once you've requested the access to Viator they will need to map their products manually with their system (this step might take a couple of days). TrekkSoft has no control over the time frame and cannot fast forward this process. Viator will inform us when the connection is live and we will then activate it.

Schedule Changes

If you change your schedule for an activity it will not automatically appear on Viator as they will need to map changes in the schedule manually. For each booking, Viator will query the availability and if no seat is available then no booking will be processed, therefore; you are always able to block bookings for specific dates.

Tips & Hints

  • If you cancel a booking on TrekkSoft this cancellation will not go through to Viator, you will need to check with them directly.
  • TrekkSoft has no reportings on the commissions or guests booked through the channel you will need to rely on Viator
  • Additional guest information will be saved as a basket remark (eg meeting point or other information). We cannot map guest custom fields with the remarks from Viator.
  • Viator provides you with the mobile phone number of the guest (you see it as a user) but not with an email address.
  • If you change a schedule, Viator will need to map this manually so changes in your schedule will take a while to reflected on Viator but you can always "close" existing trips by blocking them or setting the capacity to 0.


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