Scheduling Rules - Voucher

Creating a schedule allows you to offer day/time slots for customers to book your activities. Schedules are generated by creating a series of rules which reflect your scheduling preferences and maximum capacities. Without a schedule, an activity cannot be booked by your customers.

Select Schedule > Add Schedule 

There are three schedule types, VoucherAttraction/Trip (See Creating Scheduling Rules) and Rental (See Scheduling Rules - Rental)- these determine the behaviour of your scheduling and the maximum capacity of an activity.

A voucher is a type of schedule that uses no capacity limitations and does not require you to set a specific start timing for the activity. With a voucher, clients can book a preferred date for when they would like to partake in the activity/rent the equipment etc. Vouchers are good to use for Private Tours, Gift Certificates, Equipment Rentals, Deposits, Gift Vouchers or Airport Transfers. 

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