TrekkSoft's Integration with Hotelbeds Group

TrekkSoft developed this connection to TAB to provide you with the opportunity for wider distribution of your trips.

TAB (Transfer and Activity Bank) is the leading online distributor of transfers, tours and activities in the travel trade. They are part of the Hotelbeds Group, who own other brands like Hotel Extras, Isango, Guidego and Let’s Shuttle.


The TAB and TrekkSoft integration will:

  1. Simplify and automate the contracting process between TrekkSoft's users and TAB. Once you've completed the application process with TAB, say goodbye to sending and responding to thousands of emails. Instead, automatically upload your inventory, prices and availabilities onto TAB’s distribution network.
  2. Allow TAB to draw content and images of your trips automatically via TrekkSoft’s API.
  3. TrekkSoft users can upload your inventory and promote activities directly to TAB’s database and distribution networks.
  4. Allow TAB direct access to your live availability and pricing.
  5. Allow you to manage your TAB bookings directly from your TrekkSoft admin desk.

Once the TAB connection is live and you've shared all your activities, including texts and images, TAB will be able to automatically sync this information and upload it onto their database to share with their partners. 


How can you connect to TAB?

1. Log in to your TrekkSoft account and access Marketplaces, under Channel Manager

2. Search for TAB and click "Apply". 


3. Complete the TAB application process. 



4. Within 48 hours, you will be assigned a TAB Account Manager who will contact you to establish the connection.

Once this is done, you can start selling more trips via TAB! Good luck. 

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